Cassini Sees Heat Below the Icy Surface of Enceladus


Earth-Size Planets: The Newest, Weirdest Generation

Artist's concept of exoplanets

<p>This Building Block video features an animation of a voyage away from the Milky Way galaxy, and past other galaxies, to a view of Virgo supercluster. </p>

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Week in wildlife – in pictures

Week in wildlife – in pictures

Raining Rocks

Impact ejecta is material that is thrown up and out of the surface of a planet as a result of the impact of an meteorite, asteroid or comet. The material that was originally beneath the surface of the planet then rains down onto the environs of the newly formed impact crater. Some of this material is deposited close to the crater, folding over itself to form the crater rim, visible here as a yellowish ring. Other material is ejected faster and falls down further from the crater rim creating...

Sailing through one of the magnificent fjords east of Scoresbysund in Greenland. by Mike Long

Starry skies and ancient bristlecone pine (California) by Dustin Wong on 500px

LIGHT Walk-About Bag. Light will be a good science/nature project for Galactic Starveyors 2017 space theme. What is a Walk-About Bag? @ Also see Pinterest Science/Nature: light, color for many LIGHT, COLOR, & GLOW IDEAS @

As for me, all the "dark" stuff is bullshit. I do NOT subscribe to these theories. It's all gravity, the forces of electromagnetism and nuclear reactions.

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I wish I could be there to stargaze with someone special ❤️

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Curious Kids Love Experiments in Junk Drawer Physics

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This Hidden Destination In Missouri Is A Secret Only Locals Know About

Aurora at Reiss beach, Sinclair's Bay, Caithness, Scotland

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Catch up on the Daily Dozen, our editors' favorite community photos. Get inspired and upload your own pictures. by Brittany Crossman

Total Solar Eclipse ~ From Cairns Australia on November 14, 2012

#Lighthouse in #Canada by Daniel Greenwood on 500px -

largest galaxy in the known universe infographic

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Iceland, Space

Aurora Borealis ~ Eggum Lofoten Norway

Auroras Taken by Harald Albrigtsen on October 21, 2014 @ Kvaløya, Tromsø, Norway.

Aurora Under The Milky Way Taken by Dan A. Steinbakk on September 23, 2014 @ Sommarøy, Tromsø, Norway

A bright summer Milky Way shines over Mauna Loa Hawaii By: Andrew 23 Aug 2014

Mariposa Grove - Yosemite, California by Vasilis Tsikkinis